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Pre-Outdoor Fourth of July Party Maintenance Checklist

We are sharing our outdoor maintenance checklist before your Fourth of July BBQ! Don’t let one of these pesky maintenance problems ruin your festivities.

With 4th of July right around the corner, there will be plenty of cookouts and parties on patios and backyards.  Planning an outdoor party can be overwhelming and maintenance checks may slip your mind. Don’t worry, we have the perfect checklist to make sure everything will run smoothly, and you don’t come across any unwanted surprises.  Here are some crucial things to check before your outdoor BBQ begins.

Keep Things Cool Indoors

  • Keep your screen door closed to not only keep bugs out but also to keep the house cool.  Closing all windows and shutting blinds will provide a comfortable temperature for guests inside and save you some money on your AC bill.
  • Program your thermostat to the perfect temperature! Set it between 68-72 degrees before the party begins so your home will remain cool throughout your party.
  • Not sure if your HVAC is working properly? Be sure to get that fixed before your party so our guests don’t overheat! Schedule maintenance for a whole-house cooling system with us, we would be happy to help before the big day.

Light Up the Night with More Than Fireworks

  • Outdoor lighting is extremely important for a successful outdoor summer party.  Once the sun sets, you will need to ensure the party doesn’t have to move inside because of poor lighting! Use string lights across your backyard and patio to give your party a beautiful/festive ambiance.
  • It is also a good safety measure to have proper lighting, so friends or family don’t get hurt in the dark.  We recommend installing flood lights near trees and lights lining walkways to make sure no one trips. 

Inspect Your Toilet to Avoid Overflows

  • Double check your toilets are running properly before guests arrive.  In the summer, clogged toilets are more frequent because of the kids being home and n increase of house guests. 
  • Some problems to watch out for: Listen for strange noises when flushing, look for a puddle around the toilet, listen if the toilet is constantly running, or if you have to hold the handle down for long periods of time to get it to flush.  These are all instances in which you should turn off the water supply for the toilet.
  • Not everything is flushable!  Here are things that should not be flushed, especially during the party.  Do Not Flush: cosmetics, feminine hygiene products, wipes, cotton balls, q-tips, ect.

        Party Tip:  Make a sign with objects that are safe to flush and not safe to                

         Flush for your house guests!

Prep the Grill BEFORE the Party

  • If you have an outdoor kitchen area or a grill that attaches to a gas line, make sure it is working properly several days before the actual party.  You will have a hard time grilling without the gas line working!

Your Garbage Disposal Is Not A Trash Can

  • When you are cleaning up, it might be tempting to toss the food scraps and leftover oil down the garbage disposal.  Remnants of food, along with grease and oil should be disposed of in a trash can.
  • Party Tip: Set up several trash cans outside to encourage guests to throw trash outside and not in the sink. If you are using non disposable plates, put a trash can near the sink with signs telling your guests to scrape their plates before tossing them into the sink to prevent a clogged disposal!

If you double check all these things before your party, then everything will run smoothly without any clogs, overflows, or emergencies.  If anything does go wrong, we have you covered.  Contact us so you can get back to enjoying fireworks, friends, and BBQ worry free!

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