VIP HVAC Maintenance Program

HVAC Maintenance Program.

By enrolling in the Better Built Maintenance Agreement Program your unit will run more efficiently and you can prevent some major repairs by catching minor problems before they turn into major disasters!

Sign up today and take advantage of our 15% Repair Discount available to all of our Maintenance Agreement Program customers.

Stop wasting money by overworking an inefficient unit. The energy savings you will experience by having a properly maintained unit will make a big difference!

What Does The HVAC Maintenance Program Include?

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  • 15% discount on repairs to your HVAC Unit
  • No After Hours Service Fee Emergency Services
  • Thorough tune-up and professional cleaning of the HVAC equipment (listed on this agreement) between 7am-7pm (Monday – Friday) or 7am-12pm (Saturday)


  • Healthier lifestyle through cleaner indoor air
  • Efficient HVAC units lead to lower monthly energy bills
  • Regular maintenance means safer and more reliable equipment operation
  • Equipment that lasts longer and keeps you more comfortable
  • The comfortable temperatures you want and need

Fill out this brief form and we will contact you about signing up for our HVAC Maintenance Program.

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